New Publication on Canadian ECTs

New Publication on Canadian ECTs

Jerry V De Marco and Paul Muldoon ‘Environmental Boards and Tribunals – A Practical Guide’ (2nd Ed) (LexisNexis, Canada, 2016)


Published: November 02, 2016

ISBN/ISSN: 9780433489740

Publisher: LexisNexis Canada

Price: CAN$120


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Written by expert environmental adjudicators, this comprehensive text takes the reader through each stage of the Canadian environmental tribunal hearing process from the point where a proceeding is started, to the final decision issued by the tribunal. This new edition includes case law and relevant Acts, regulations, practice manuals and practice directions from Canada's three main environmental tribunals: the Ontario Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT), the Alberta Environmental Appeals Board (AEAB), and the British Columbia Environmental Appeal Board (BCEAB). In particular it highlights the unique aspects of practice and procedure before those three main environmental tribunals; familiarizes the reader with the terminology used in the proceedings, and the background and concepts behind environmental tribunals; includes flow charts that set out the steps involved in all types of appeals and other proceedings before each of the three tribunals; includes an informative section on ‘trends and issues affecting the modern administrative tribunal’. This book is useful for lawyers, environmental tribunal members and staff, environmental consulting firms, municipal and provincial government agencies and members of the Canadian public, and for international experts in environmental adjudication interested in comparative studies.


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