New Publication on the Indian National Green Tribunal


Gitanjali Nain Gill ‘Environmental Justice in India: The National Green Tribunal’ (Routledge) forthcoming November 2016, 256pp Hb: 978-1-138-92110-8/GBP90.00/eBook: 978-1-315-68659-2

This book explores the genesis, operation and effectiveness of the Indian National Green Tribunal (NGT). The NGT was set up to secure access to environmental justice: a key component providing just and equitable outcomes for sustainable development. The book has four key objectives:


  • examine the importance of access to justice in environmental matters promoting sustainability and good governance;
  • provide an analytical and critical account of the judicial structures that offer access to environmental justice in India;
  • analyse the establishment, working practice and effectiveness of the NGT aimed to advance distinctively green jurisprudence in India; and
  • present and review the success and external challenges faced and overcome by the NGT that have resulted in growing usage and public respect for the NGT.


Providing an informative analysis of a growing judicial development in one of the most powerful emerging nations, this book will be of great interest to students and scholars of environmental justice, environmental law, development studies and sustainable development.

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