Ecosystem services in environmental adjudication

Chief Justice Michael Hantke-Domas and Roberto Pasten, of the Third Environment Court, Los Rios, Chile and the Universidad Austral de Chile, along with Assistant Professor Martin Olszynski of the University of Calgary, Canada have published a paper on the approach taken by different courts to ecosystem services.  

"Does slow and steady win the race? Eco-system services in Canadian and Chilean environmental law" (2107) Ecosystem Services (in press) examines and compares the extent to which ecosystem services have been incorporated in Canadian and Chilean environmental law and policy. The focus is on the adjudication of environmental disputes but the analysis is contextualized by the broader environmental law and policy developments of each country. As will be seen, Canada's judiciary was relatively quick to embrace ecosystem services but subsequent progress has been slow. In Chile, on the other hand, ecosystem services have been referred to only recently but that country's Environment Courts appear intent on giving the concept a greater role in the resolution of environmental disputes. (see for further details)